Richard Holland


My career in bioinformatics started at AgResearch in New Zealand, then moving to the Genome Institute of Singapore.

I used BioJava for a while but got seriously involved after working with Mark Schreiber on the DengueInfo project in Singapore, which required BioJava to be able to work seamlessly with BioSQL databases. As this was not completely possible in version 1.4, we produced the BioJavaX extensions released in version 1.5 that allow BioJava to use the Hibernate framework for accessing BioSQL.

I spent the next couple of years after Singapore working at the EBI at Hinxton on the BioMart team. In Summer 2007 I mentored a student for the Google Summer of Code, Boh-Yun Lee, who worked on some phyloinformatics modules for us. The GSoC’07 project was organised by NESCent.

I am now self-employed as part of a new biotech startup in Cambridge, Eagle Genomics, and in my spare time am working on BioJava 3.

You can contact me at richard at uwc dot net.