Class ProteinSequence

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      • setParentDNASequence

        public void setParentDNASequence​(AbstractSequence<NucleotideCompound> parentDNASequence,
                                         Integer begin,
                                         Integer end)
        A Protein sequence can be stand alone or loaded from a transcript sequence. The design goal is to allow the creation of a Protein sequence from a Uniprot ID or some other Protein ID that based on cross reference you should be able to get the GeneSequence that codes for the protein if the CDS/Gene region is known. From the GeneSequence you should then be able to get the ChromosomeSequence which then allows you explore flaning regions of the gene sequences. The framework is in place to do this but currently hasn't been implement in the reverse direction starting from the Protein sequence.
        parentDNASequence -
        begin -
        end -