Class SequenceFileProxyLoader<C extends Compound>

  • Type Parameters:
    C -
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterable<C>, Accessioned, ProxySequenceReader<C>, Sequence<C>, SequenceReader<C>

    public class SequenceFileProxyLoader<C extends Compound>
    extends Object
    implements ProxySequenceReader<C>
    This class represents the storage container of a sequence stored in a fasta file where the initial parsing of the file we store the offset and length of the sequence. When a call is made to any method that needs sequence data then the file will be opened and the sequence loaded. This class could be improved by using the hints or a some algorithm that indicates the sequence data once loaded should stay loaded. Could keep track of the last time sequence data was loaded and then after X amount of time clear the contents to free up memory.
    Scooter Willis