Interface IDMaker

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    IDMaker.ByName, IDMaker.ByURN

    public interface IDMaker
    Interface for objects that define how to make an ID for a sequence.

    Nine times out of ten, you will use one of HashSequenceDB.byURN or HashSequenceDB.byName, but once in a blue-moon, you will want some other systematic way of retrieveing Sequences. This interface is here to allow you to plug in this functionality if you need it.

    Matthew Pocock
    • Field Detail

      • byURN

        static final IDMaker byURN
        A simple implementation of IDMaker that hashes by URN.
      • byName

        static final IDMaker byName
        A simple implementation of IDMaker that hashes by sequence name.
    • Method Detail

      • calcID

        String calcID​(Sequence seq)
        Calculate the id for a sequence.

        Each unique sequence should return a unique ID.

        seq - the sequence to ID
        the id for the sequence