Interface ChangeListener

    • Field Detail


        static final ChangeListener ALWAYS_VETO
        Convenience implementation which vetoes every change of which it is notified. You could add this to an object directly to stop it changing in any way, or alternatively you could add it for a specific ChangeType to stop that single item from altering.
    • Method Detail

      • preChange

        void preChange​(ChangeEvent cev)
                throws ChangeVetoException

        Called before a change takes place.

        This is your chance to stop the change by throwing a ChangeVetoException. This method does not indicate that the change will definitely take place, so it is not recomended that you take any positive action within this handler.

        cev - An event encapsulating the change which is about to take place.
        ChangeVetoException - Description of Exception
        ChangeVetoException - if the receiver does not wish this change to occur at this time.
      • postChange

        void postChange​(ChangeEvent cev)

        Called when a change has just taken place.

        This method is the place to perform any behavior in response to the change event.

        cev - An event encapsulating the change which has occured.