Class WalkerFactory

    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static WalkerFactory getInstance​(Class typeClazz)
        Make a WalkerFactory that handles a Visitor for a class of type typeClazz.
        typeClazz - the Class this factory will walk over
      • addTypeWithParent

        public void addTypeWithParent​(Class type)
        Register a type as being a 'container' class. Container classes will be scanned for methods for retrieving child instances that can be walked to. You should never need to call this. The library authors should take care of this for you. Register 'structural' classes here - those with children.
        type - the Class of the type with children
      • getWalker

        public Walker getWalker​(Visitor visitor)
                         throws BioException
        Get a Walker that is customosed to a particular visitor.
        visitor - the Visitor this walker will scan with
        a Walker bound to this visitor
        BioException - if the walker could not be built