Interface Organism

    • Method Detail

      • setFitness

        void setFitness​(double[] fitness)
        This method allows to set the fitness of this organism to the specified value. Generally this will be an array, which in the most cases contains just a single entry. In cases where we want to have multi-objective optimization we may want to make use of a more general fitness array with mutliple entries.
        fitness -
      • getFitness

        double[] getFitness()
        Returns the current fitness of this organism. This is an array. Note that in the most cases this array may only contain one single value, but for multi-objective optimization it is necessary to store multiple fitness values.
        the fitness of the organism
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the organisms name
        the name String
      • replicate

        Organism replicate​(String name)
        Creates a replica of this Organism with a new name.
        name - the new name for the sequence.
        the replicated organism.
      • isHaploid

        boolean isHaploid()
        Is the organism Haploid?
        true if it is.