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Package org.biojava.nbio.structure

Interfaces and classes for protein structure (PDB).

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Package org.biojava.nbio.structure Description

Interfaces and classes for protein structure (PDB).

See also the BioJava 3 tutorial for more information on the protein structure modules.

Parse PDB files

To load a PDB file see the PDBFileReader class in the IO subpackage.

Parse mmCif files

To laod a mmCif file see the MMCIFFileReader class.

The Structure object

The Structure object allows to access the PDB header information as well as to the data from the ATOM records. The header information is currently available through the following objects: The structure object provides access to the data from the ATOM records through a hierarchy of sub-object:
Learn more how to work with groups.

Other Features

For more documentation on how to work with the Structure API please see

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