Class BumpedRenderer

    • Method Detail

      • getChangeSupport

        protected ChangeSupport getChangeSupport​(ChangeType ct)
        Description copied from class: AbstractChangeable
        Called to retrieve the ChangeSupport for this object.

        Your implementation of this method should have the following structure:

         ChangeSupport cs = super.getChangeSupport(ct);
         if(someForwarder == null && ct.isMatching(SomeInterface.SomeChangeType)) {
           someForwarder = new ChangeForwarder(...
           this.stateVariable.addChangeListener(someForwarder, VariableInterface.AChange);
         return cs;
        It is usual for the forwarding listeners (someForwarder in this example) to be transient and lazily instantiated. Be sure to register & unregister the forwarder in the code that does the ChangeEvent handling in setter methods.
        getChangeSupport in class SequenceRendererWrapper
      • getDepth

        public double getDepth​(SequenceRenderContext src)
        Description copied from interface: SequenceRenderer
        Retrieve the depth of this renderer when rendering src.

        The depth may vary between sequence panels - for example based upon sequence length. Each line of information in the SequenceRendererContext only renders a region of the sequence. The depth for one complete line may be different from that for another due to the sequence having more or less information in that region to show. For example, a feature renderer implementation may chose to collapse down to a depth of zero pixels if there are no features to render within a region.

        Specified by:
        getDepth in interface SequenceRenderer
        getDepth in class SequenceRendererWrapper
        src - the SequenceRenderContext to return info for
        the depth of the renderer for that sequence panel
      • processMouseEvent

        public SequenceViewerEvent processMouseEvent​(SequenceRenderContext src,
                                                     MouseEvent me,
                                                     List path)
        Description copied from interface: SequenceRenderer
        Produce a SequenceViewerEvent in response to a mouse gesture.

        A SequenceRenderer that performs any form of coordinate remapping should ensure that it appropriately transforms the mouse event. However, in the SequenceViewerEvent returned, the MouseEvent should be in untransformed coordinates.

        The SequenceRenderer implementation should append itself to the path list before constructing the SequenceViewerEvent.

        Specified by:
        processMouseEvent in interface SequenceRenderer
        processMouseEvent in class SequenceRendererWrapper
        src - the SequenceRenderContext currently in scope
        me - a MouseEvent that caused this request
        path - the List of SequenceRenderer instances passed through so far
        a SequenceViewerEvent encapsulating the mouse gesture