Class EllipticalBeadRenderer

    • Field Detail

      • RATIO

        public static final ChangeType RATIO
        Constant RATIO indicating a change to the minimum allowed ratio of long axis to short axis of the features.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EllipticalBeadRenderer

        public EllipticalBeadRenderer()
        Creates a new EllipticalBeadRenderer object with the default settings.
      • EllipticalBeadRenderer

        public EllipticalBeadRenderer​(double beadDepth,
                                      double beadDisplacement,
                                      Paint beadOutline,
                                      Paint beadFill,
                                      Stroke beadStroke,
                                      double dimensionRatio)
        Creates a new EllipticalBeadRenderer.
        beadDepth - a double.
        beadDisplacement - a double.
        beadOutline - a Paint.
        beadFill - a Paint.
        beadStroke - a Stroke.
        dimensionRatio - a double.