Interface BeadFeatureRenderer

    • Method Detail

      • getBeadDepth

        double getBeadDepth()
        getBeadDepth returns the depth of a single bead produced by the renderer.
        a double.
      • getBeadDisplacement

        double getBeadDisplacement()
        getBeadDisplacement returns the displacement of beads from the centre line of the renderer. A positive value indicates displacment downwards (for horizontal renderers) or to the right (for vertical renderers).
        a double.
      • setDelegateRenderer

        void setDelegateRenderer​(OptimizableFilter filter,
                                 BeadFeatureRenderer renderer)
        setDelegateRenderer associates an OptimizableFilter with a BeadFeatureRenderer. Any feature accepted by the filter will be passed to the associated renderer for drawing. The OptimizableFilters should be disjoint with respect to each other (a feature may not be rendered more than once).
        filter - an OptimizableFilter.
        renderer - a BeadFeatureRenderer.
      • renderBead

        void renderBead​(Graphics2D g2,
                        Feature f,
                        SequenceRenderContext context)
        renderBead should implement rendering for this bead type only. The renderFeature method is expected to handle the calls to delegate renderers.
        g2 - a Graphics2D.
        f - a Feature to render.
        context - a SequenceRenderContext context.