Interface LabelRenderer

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    LabelRenderer.RenderNothing, SimpleLabelRenderer

    public interface LabelRenderer
    The interface for things that can render labels for a line of information about a sequence.

    Renderers are always activated within the context of a particular SequenceRenderContext. A single LabelRenderer can be shared among many sequence panels, or added multiple times to the same panel. The renderer is required to request how much leading and trailing space it requires, as well as the depth (space orthogonal to the direction that the sequence is rendered).

    Matthew Pocock
    • Method Detail

      • paint

        void paint​(Graphics2D g,
                   SequenceRenderContext sp,
                   int min,
                   int max,
                   SequenceRenderContext.Border border)
        Render a label for the information for sp to g.
        g - the Graphics2D to render to
        sp - the SequencePanel that encapsulates the information to render
        min - the minimum symbol to render (inclusive)
        max - the maximum symbol to render (inclusive)
      • getMinimumWidth

        double getMinimumWidth​(SequenceRenderContext sp)
        Retrieve the minimum space required to render the label.
        sp - the SequencePanel to return info for
        the leading distance of the renderer for that sequence panel