Class PairwiseFilteringRenderer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, PairwiseSequenceRenderer, Changeable

    public class PairwiseFilteringRenderer
    extends AbstractChangeable
    implements PairwiseSequenceRenderer, Serializable

    PairwiseFilteringRenderer wraps a PairwiseSequenceRenderer and filters the PairwiseRenderContexts passed to it. The renderer receives a new PairwiseRenderContext which has had both of its FeatureHolders filtered with the FeatureFilter.

    Instances of this class cache up to 5 of the derived PairwiseRenderContexts. Therefore cycling through up to 5 different FeatureFilters will only be hitting the cache rather than recalculating everthing. Should the FeatureHolders themselves change, the cache will be flushed. As only the features overlapping the context's range are filtered, changing the range will also result in re-filtering.

    Keith James, Matthew Pocock
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    • Field Detail

      • FILTER

        public static final ChangeType FILTER
        Constant FILTER indicating a change to the renderer's filter.
      • RECURSE

        public static final ChangeType RECURSE
        Constant RECURSE indicating a change to the renderer's filter recursion flag.
      • RENDERER

        public static final ChangeType RENDERER
        Constant RENDERER indicating a change to the renderer.
      • recurse

        protected boolean recurse
        recurse indicates whether the filter should recurse through any subfeatures.