Interface PairwiseSequenceRenderer

    • Method Detail

      • paint

        void paint​(Graphics2D g2,
                   PairwiseRenderContext prc)
        paints some or all of the information about the sequence pair.
        g2 - a Graphics2D.
        prc - a PairwiseRenderContext encapsulating the information to be displayed.
      • processMouseEvent

        SequenceViewerEvent processMouseEvent​(PairwiseRenderContext prc,
                                              MouseEvent me,
                                              List path)
        processMouseEvent produces a SequenceViewerEvent in response to a mouse gesture.
        prc - a PairwiseRenderContext.
        me - a MouseEvent that caused the request.
        path - a List of PairwiseSequenceRenderer instances passed through so far.
        a SequenceViewerEvent encapsulating the mouse gesture.