Class RectangularBeadRenderer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, BeadFeatureRenderer, FeatureRenderer, Changeable

    public class RectangularBeadRenderer
    extends AbstractBeadRenderer

    RectangularBeadRenderer renders features as simple rectangles. Their outline and fill Paint, Stroke, feature depth, Y-axis displacement are configurable. The height of the rectangle will be equal to half its width, but not greater than the beadDepth set in the constructor.

    An alternative bead height behaviour is available where the rectangle height does not scale with its current width. The setHeightScaling method should be passed a boolean value to change this. The default is to use height scaling.

    Keith James
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    • Constructor Detail

      • RectangularBeadRenderer

        public RectangularBeadRenderer()
        Creates a new RectangularBeadRenderer with the default settings.
      • RectangularBeadRenderer

        public RectangularBeadRenderer​(double beadDepth,
                                       double beadDisplacement,
                                       Paint beadOutline,
                                       Paint beadFill,
                                       Stroke beadStroke)
        Creates a new RectangularBeadRenderer.
        beadDepth - a double.
        beadDisplacement - a double.
        beadOutline - a Paint.
        beadFill - a Paint.
        beadStroke - a Stroke.
    • Method Detail

      • getHeightScaling

        public boolean getHeightScaling()
        getHeightScaling returns the state of the height scaling policy.
        a boolean true if height scaling is enabled.
      • setHeightScaling

        public void setHeightScaling​(boolean isEnabled)
                              throws ChangeVetoException
        setHeightScaling sets the height scaling policy. Default behaviour is for this to be enabled leading to features being drawn with a height equal to half their width, subject to a maximum height restriction equal to the beadDepth set in the constructor. If disabled, features will always be drawn at the maximum height allowed by the beadDepth parameter.
        isEnabled - a boolean.
        ChangeVetoException - if an error occurs.