Class TabIndexStore

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IndexStore

    public class TabIndexStore
    extends Object
    implements IndexStore, Serializable

    Implements IndexStore as a serialized file for the java data and a tab-delimited file of offsets.

    Use the constructor to create a new index store. Use the static factory method open() to load an existing store.

    The tab-delimited file looks like:
     fileNumber \t offset \t id \n
    Matthew Pocock, Thomas Down, Keith James, David Huen
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • TabIndexStore

        public TabIndexStore​(File storeFile,
                             File indexFile,
                             String name,
                             SequenceFormat format,
                             SequenceBuilderFactory sbFactory,
                             SymbolTokenization symbolParser)
                      throws IOException,
        Create a new TabIndexStore.

        The store file and index file must not exist. This is to prevent you from accidentally destroying an existing index.

        storeFile - the file that will be used to persist this index store
        indexFile - the file that will hold the actual indecies
        name - the name that will be used by the database backed by this index
        format - the SequenceFormat for files being indexed
        sbFactory - the SequenceBuilderFactory used in building sequences
        symbolParser - the SymbolTokenization to use
        IOException - if there was a problem writing the files
        BioException - if any of the parameters were not acceptable