Class SequencePanel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, SwingConstants, SequenceRenderContext, Changeable

    public class SequencePanel
    extends JComponent
    implements SwingConstants, SequenceRenderContext, Changeable
    A panel that displays a Sequence.

    A SequencePanel can either display the sequence from left-to-right (HORIZONTAL) or from top-to-bottom (VERTICAL). It has an associated scale which is the number of pixels per symbol. It also has a lines property that controls how to wrap the sequence off one end and onto the other.

    Each line in the SequencePanel is broken down into a list of strips, each rendered by an individual SequenceRenderer object. You could add a SequenceRenderer that draws on genes, another that draws repeats and another that prints out the DNA sequence. They are responsible for rendering their view of the sequence in the place that the SequencePanel positions them.

    Thomas Down, Matthew Pocock, David Huen
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